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music distribution

Release your music to the top 30 digital stores like iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, Google Play, Shazam, Apple Music, Beats Music, Deezer plus many more. Subscribe to one of Release services “SR, S2R or S2R2”, upload your tracks, then let us work our magic. You choose your launch date, the stores you want your music on, and your album cover. All in one simple form. Cancel at any time, no questions.

music promotion

There’s no better way to build your Soundcloud profile than our SRS, SFP, SMS + SCB services. They are the perfect solution to gain real followers, more plays, increase your likes and get your music heard by more listeners. We don’t use fake accounts or purchase fake plays like most other services out there. This is the real deal. Cancel at any time, no questions.

profile/article promotion

ADDIKTION now offers a whole new way to gain mass exposure to millions of readers. BLAST it! BLAST is for clients wishing to promote Music to increase sales/downloads, Videos, Facebook Pages, Soundcloud profiles or any legal business or product. Get more fans, followers, plays, reposts, views & downloads or simply use it to drive mass traffic to your links and content.

what our clients have to say

Thanks for your support, I’m very happy to stay with you guys.


Paolo Sibilio artist

Awesome work – love you guys, thank you very much


Kreawz artist

I see myself all over YouTube, Beatport, and iTunes. You guys have really come through for me as a producer. I’m in awe by the sheer amount of work you guys do to make producers like me get out there and be heard. Keep up the good work :)

Club Man

Addiktion is the label that brings you closer to your dream and I’m one step closer


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